Helping Donors

Donors rely on the due diligence offered by the Foundation to assure their dollars meet community needs or needs the donor has specified, such as the Detwiler Fire Relief Fund. 

Donations of cash or other assets are tax deductible to the extent allowed by IRS and other requirements. 

Types of funds that you may establish are outlined here.

Learn about established funds here.

Community Enrichment Grant Fund 

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Set Up a New Fund

Current donations to a fund may receive favorable tax benefits allowed under IRS Regulations. You may fund favorite causes over a period of time, yet take advantage of a large tax deductible contribution now. Contact us to find out more. Message phone: 209-742-1022.  

A variety of assets can be donated to the Foundation removing the necessity for your favorite charity to convert property to cash. 

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Thank You to Kevin Cann ~ 

Mariposa County Supervisor, Kevin Cann, recognized that the Mariposa Community Foundation could help him distribute charitable dollars. The funds were generated on behalf of Kevin who served as Chair of the Rural Counties Representatives Council. Each year the Council sponsors a fund raising event with proceeds donated to the community represented by the current Chairman. In November 2013 Kevin chose the Foundation as recipient so that more than one local nonprofit organization could benefit from the proceeds. Initial grants went to the Mariposa Museum & History Center, Mariposa Open Arms and the MyIP transportation fund to send school children to the symphony. 

Further grants were awarded in the 2015 Community Enrichment Grant program and to Ethos.

The Foundation thanks Kevin for this opportunity to support both him and several local nonprofit organizations.

Thank You to Our Board

Our Board of Directors supports the Foundation with donations of cash as well as time. This board is a “working board” and continues to work toward a sustainable and successful Community Foundation for Mariposa County and its residents.

Your Donations are Welcome

Please contact MCF at PMB 229 PO Box 5008 Mariposa CA 95338. Thank you. 

We are a local organization; this is not a solicitation for donations from non-California residents.

The Mariposa Community Foundation is an IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) Public Charity