Mariposa Youth Impact Project

Mariposa youth Impact Project (MyIP) is a project under the auspices of the Foundation since 2014. 

The MyIP mission to impact the life of individual Mariposa students is met through activities and programs that are designed to expand educational opportunities and improve education outcomes for all Mariposa students.

College Possible Program

This program addresses critical education challenges such as, 

-improving availability of and access to early college mentoring, 

-increasing the number of college track students, and

-ensuring that more students complete college applications and enroll in college. This public-private partnership assists Mariposa youths by providing college enrollment assistance and advisement. 

MCP 10%

UC Merced students are geared up to return to Mariposa schools with this project. It has been presented on-site at MCUSD Woodland, MES, and Mountain Community Schools by UCM students. UCM students shared their personal stories of challenge and overcoming barriers to over 110 8th grade students. This project began four years ago,with the vision and goal to motivate 8th grade students to stay in school encouraging them to graduate from high school. MCP10% is a Harvard designed study/project anticipated to increase high school graduation by 10%. These MCUSD 8th grade students then had the opportunity to tour the UCM campus hosted by the MCP10% UCM students.

Pen Pal 

This project pairs Mariposa School District 6th grade students with a UC Merced student. The pairs exchange three pen pal letters. These Mariposa letter writers then have an opportunity to visit the UCM campus hosted and attended by their UCM pen pal.

Children Symphony Program

Three hundred and eighty Mariposa Kindergarten through 3rd grade students attended the Children Symphony Program at the Art Kamangar Center in Merced in 2016. Funds for tickets were provided by the Merced Symphony Program and The Music of Tom Hoffman. Funds for transportation were provided by MyIP, making this opportunity free to the students.

Children Opera

The opera program for children, supported by Arts UC Merced, was available to school children up to the 6th grade. MyIP provided funds for transportation for this program.  

MCOE Writing Festival Contest

MyIP arranged to open this writing contest for Mariposa students in grades Kindergarten through Senior year in high school. The Merced County Office of Education (MCOE) offers 26 categories in the Prose Division and 17 in the Poetry Division. 

Dinner with a Scientist

This program for Mariposa high school girls is sponsored by Mariposa AAUW (AAUW), UC Merced School of Natural Sciences, Grizzly High Academic Boosters Club, Tavis Corporation and MyIP. This career oriented program enables girls to learn more about careers that pay well in scientific fields historically dominated by males. Originally designed by MyIP, Mariposa AAUW executes this program, now in its fourth year in 2016.

Stanford/Berkeley Splash

In the Spring of 2015 MyIP provided transportation for 50 Mariposa High School students to spend a day on the UC Berkeley campus taking classes. Stanford Splash offers weekend classroom activities with MyIP coordinating the event for Mariposa students over several years.

The Mariposa Youth Impact Project sponsored formation of the UC Merced campus club:

The Mariposa Merced Youth Impact Project.

The Mariposa Community Foundation is an IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) Public Charity