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Community Enrichment Grants Open for 2017

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Detwiler Fire Relief Fund**

Community Enrichment Grant Grantees - 2016

KRYZ Radio broadcasting under the auspices of Mariposa Community Radio received funds to purchase a new transmitter. KRYZ is a “low power” FM station serving a localized area and looks to expand beyond the environs of the town of Mariposa. This station is designated to broadcast announcements in event of an emergency. On an ordinary day music, local news and other items of interest are broadcast. You can learn more and even stream the station at

Mariposa Museum and History Center has long exhibited Native American baskets and other artifacts. Currently underway is a project to improve the display, protect the baskets and artifacts and curate them to determine origins and other information. This grant will match other funds to complete the project. More about the museum at

Mariposa Academic Boosters Club, Inc. is organized by of a group of parents of Mariposa High School students. Goals for this group include support of academic curricula at the school. The current matching funds will enable the parents to complete building a website to serve the organization as it grows and serves students and parents.

Sierra Foothill Conservancy celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and is revising and improving its local hiking and educational activities. Funds from this grant support expansion of the program. Find out more at

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Welcome guests assembled before the awarding of grants

 on December 7, 2016

Community Enrichment Grant Program - 2015

                                 Grant awards were announced on February 4, 2016. 

Charter School

Teena Starchman at the Sierra Foothill Charter School uses her ukulele in the classroom. This award provides funds for more instruments to be played by students.

The Friends of the Library used these funds to match a Mariposa Library grant application that enabled the Library to purchase an Interactive TV. This useful device is available for use by community groups meeting at the library. Training is required. Contact Karen Dusek at the Mariposa County Library to find out more about enhancing your presentations on site. 209-966-2140  Note: Use of the Community Room requires a reservation.

The John C. Fremont Hospital Foundation purchased a computer to support its fundraising and membership programs and more. Five UC Merced students installed the computer program. They followed this up with research for the John C Fremont Health Care District and in a separate project, conducted community research for the Mariposa County Public Health Department. You may have seen them at the Health Department booth at the Butterfly Festival in May.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Mariposa Community Foundation are pleased to award these funds to support the efforts of volunteers and education of children and adults in Mariposa County. 

The foundation serves as fiscal sponsor for:

Mariposa youth Impact Project (MyIP) 

In 2014 the Foundation Board of Directors agreed to be a fiscal sponsor for MyIP. MyIP provides leadership and enrichment experiences for the young people of Mariposa County. More.. 

Mariposa Clean Sweep

In 2017 Mariposa citizens participated in a sweep to clean roadsides and sidewalks of debris and trash. The Mariposa County Department of Public Health along with the Yosemite Mariposa Tourism Bureau provided support for this project.

Keeping Storytelling in Mariposa Schools

A group of Mariposa residents joined under the auspices of the foundation to bring storytellers to the schools in Mariposa in 2018. This effort is to continue the school component of the Mariposa Storytelling Festival that ended in 2017.

Thank You Yosemite Bank

The Mariposa Community Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to thank Yosemite Bank for its support of the Community Enrichment Grant Program. It helps the Foundation meet an objective of its own: to support volunteer non profit organizations as they provide services to our community.

Fiduciary Services

The foundation is able to serve as a fiscal sponsor for non profit organizations or for special funds such as the Telegraph Fire Victims Relief Fund as noted in our history. Such services may be a collaborative effort or other appropriate arrangement to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

For information please contact us. 

The Mariposa Community Foundation is an IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) Public Charity